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My Everyday MAC Eyeshadow Palette

mac, mac eyeshadow, eyeshadow, swatches

Hi everyone! I've had many requests to do a post dedicated to my most worn MAC eyeshadows.  I did a post last year on my neutral and purple MAC eyeshadows (see it here) but since then, I've reorganized my palettes and wanted to share with you my everyday MAC palette.  I currently use one of the recently redesigned MAC palettes to house my favorite shadows.  It has a clear plastic lid which I love because I'm able to see all of the colors inside.  No more guessing which palette is which! 

In my everyday palette, I have 22 MAC eyeshadows and 2 Urban Decay shadows which I depotted.  I keep the lighter highlighting shades on top, golds and browns in the second row, warm bronze shades in the third row, and the darkest shades on the bottom.  I prefer keeping my eyeshadows in an organized color gradient so that they can easily be paired together.  

Keep reading to see shade descriptions, recommendations and swatches!

mac, mac eyeshadow, eyeshadow, swatches

mac, mac eyeshadow, eyeshadow, swatches

mac, mac eyeshadow, eyeshadow, swatches

mac, mac eyeshadow, eyeshadow, swatches
(Left to Right): Phloof!, Ricepaper, Grain, Urban Decay Sellout, All That Glitters, Urban Decay Blunt
Phloof! is a pinky white with a frosted finish.  It's very bright and works well on the inner corners of the eyes for a bright eyed effect.  On my skin tone, it's too stark as a brow highlight.

Ricepaper is a light, frosted peachy gold.  This is a great shade for the inner corners or as a wash of color all over the lid.

Grain is a golden beige with a satin finish and subtle shimmer.  I prefer this shade as a brow highlight because although it has a slight amount of shimmer, it's subtle.

Urban Decay Sellout is a shimmery pink champagne.  I love this shade all over the lid with MAC Quarry or Haux through the crease.

All That Glitters is a best-seller from MAC and for good reason.  It's a peachy beige that's suitable for all skin tones.  It pairs well with virtually any crease color.  

Urban Decay Blunt is a pale yellow gold with a frosted finish.  It's brighter and more yellow than MAC Ricepaper and Urban Decay Half Baked.

mac, mac eyeshadow, eyeshadow, swatches
(Left to Right): Era, Patina, Woodwinked, Tempting, Tempting (oops! swatched it twice), Soba, Cork
Era is a light brown with a hint of golden beige.  It's soft and has a satin finish.

Patina is a mid tone taupe with gold undertones.  Patina is gorgeous as a wash all over the lid.  I often pair it with MAC Sumptuous Olive through the crease.  

Woodwinked is one of my favorite gold shades (in addition to Urban Decay Half Baked).  Woodwinked is a warm toned antique gold with excellent color payoff.  It's darker than Urban Decay Half Baked but has a similar finish.  

Tempting is a deep golden brown.  It has good color payoff and looks gorgeous smudged on the lower lash line for a smokey effect.

Soba is a medium brown with gold shimmer and a satin finish.  

Cork is a mid tone brown with a satin matte-like finish.  Again, this is a great shade for blending out the crease! 

mac, mac eyeshadow, eyeshadow, swatches
(Left to Right): Quarry, Haux, Sable, Bronze, Glamour Check!, Swiss Chocolate
Quarry is a plummy mauve with a matte finish.  It has excellent color payoff and a soft, smooth texture.

Haux is a muted mauve brown with a satin finish.  Haux is like Quarry's less intense plum cousin. 

Sable is a mid-tone brown with a hint of plum.  It has a velvet finish and is very pigmented. Sable is similar in color and finish to Urban Decay Toasted.

Bronze is a frosted golden brown.  If you enjoy smokey eyes, you need this shade! 

Glamour Check! (limited edition) is a reddened bronze with a frosted finish.  It's similar to MAC Antiqued which is a permanent shade.

Swiss Chocolate is a medium brown with red undertones.  It works exceptionally well on warm skin tones.  

mac, mac eyeshadow, eyeshadow, swatches
(Left to Right): Satin Taupe, Shale, Cross Cultural, Mystery, Handwritten, Sorcery

Satin Taupe is a brownish taupe with a silver shimmer.  Because it doesn't lean too warm or cool, it suits many skin tones.

Shale is a muted gray mauve with a satin finish.  This shade works well with all eye colors!

Cross Cultural (limited edition) is a neutral medium brown with a matte finish.  It's similar to MAC Espresso, however, Cross Cultural is deeper in tone.  

Mystery is a gray brown with cool undertones.  It has a satin finish and decent pigmentation.  

Handwritten is a deeply pigmented chocolate brown. It's a Matte² finish with high color payoff, smooth texture, and a true matte finish.  

Sorcery (limited edition) is a deep brown burgundy with a satin finish.  MAC Sketch is similar and has a slight shimmer throughout.  


  1. omg this is totally awesome! I love earthy and neutral tones and this is totally realising my dream! I'm going to check out the palette <3

    It will be awesome if you can check out my new inspiration post!

  2. Awesome swatches! It looks like you've got a really nice neutral palette. I'm jealous!

  3. thanks for the swatches. its helping me decide for IMATS :)

    A Beautiful Zen

    1. You're welcome! I wish I was going to IMATS!! Have fun!!

  4. Hey what would you say is the best crease colour?

    1. It depends on your skin tone as well as the look you're going for. Cork, Soft Brown, Texture and Swiss Chocolate are great for warm toned looks. Haux, Mystery, and Quarry are great for cool toned looks! :)

  5. Thank you so much for this post :)
    I know it has been a while since you posted it but I just found it today while I was browsing the Internet for MAC eyeshadow swatches :) Thanks to your post I really found some that I liked :)
    Im a new subscriber :)

    1. I'm glad you found this post helpful! Which shades caught your eye? I need to do an updated MAC swatches post soon! Thanks for subscribing :)


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